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From From Top Choice Magazine - Best of Toronto's Physiotherapy Clinics:

Best of Toronto's Physiotherapy Clinics

With over 45 years experience, High Park / Bloor West Physiotherapy, Sports Medicine & Orthopaedics is the most established and longest serving independent orthopaedic Physiotherapy clinic in Ontario. Located in the heart of Toronto's beautiful and historic Bloor West Village, and with a team of 35 full time multidisciplinary experts, this clinic has earned the trust of countless referring Family Doctors and Orthopaedic Surgeons.

"We are honoured by the trust bestowed on us by so many referring Physicians and Surgeons, who repeatedly rely on us to treat their patients, often following major surgery or injury. It is a responsibility we take very seriously." says Pearse Brett, the centres Director of Care & Patient Services. The high level of commitment and care given to each patient is very evident - "She's doing extremely well, she has a fantastic attitude and that makes a big difference", Mr Brett shares with a concerned Mother. At the same time, an NHL hockey player sits in the waiting room, no different from any other patient. Each patient is seen by the same team of therapists throughout their entire treatment, "This enables the highest possible standard of familiarity and quality of care for every patient."

The clinic is a bustling and impressive multidisciplinary facility providing: Physiotherapy, Sports Medicine, Custom Knee Bracing, Acupuncture, Custom Foot Orthotics, Registered Massage Therapy, Chiropractic, and much more. If you are injured and are looking for highly experienced professionals, contact Bloor West Physiotherapy online at: www.physiotherapybloorwest.com, or call 416 767 8717 to book an appointment.
High Park Bloor West Physiotherapy Physiotherapy
High Park Bloor West Physiotherapy Physiotherapy: Manual Therapy
High Park Bloor West Physiotherapy Massage Therapy
High Park Bloor West Physiotherapy Acupuncture
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High Park Bloor West Physiotherapy Custom Orthotics
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High Park Bloor West Physiotherapy Long term Care
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We are the rehabilitation centre of choice because of our enhanced reputation within the community from referring Physicians, athletic coaches, sports clubs and patients alike. This trust has been earned through 45 years of experience, expertise and compassionate caring by our highly qualified multidisciplinary rehabilitation team. Click here to read more about us

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High Park Physiotherapy. Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine has been at the forefront of treating musculoskeletal inuries for over 40 years! Our highly qualified experts form a multidisciplinary rehabilitation team providing the highest standard of care to our patients. Click here for testimonials

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